Lots of effort and creativity have gone into developing this website so far. We would like to acknowledge those who have contributed their time and skills, and provided photos, written and digital material that you can see here. The website was developed by Sustainable Futures Australia (www.sustainablefutures.com.au)  for, and in liaison with the Arakwal People of Byron Bay.  Seed funding was provided by the Cape Byron Marine Park Authority (NSW Department of Fisheries) through the Aboriginal Parks Partnership Program, with additional funds provided by the Arakwal Aboriginal Corporation.

We acknowledge your input and effort, and thank you!

1.   Arakwal Cultural Awareness Project (ACAP) Working Group:

  • Arakwal Community (AC): Yvonne Stewart, Kay, Delta  Kay, Theresa Nichols, Gavin Brown - Arakwal Aboriginal Corporation; Wally Stewart, Norm Graham, Leon Kelly, Nigel Stewart – National Parks & Wildlife Service / Cape Byron Conservation Reserve;  Cape Byron Marine Park (CBMP): Andrew Page, Joshua Slabb;  National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS): Andy Robinson;  Sustainable Futures Australia (SFA): Peter Cuming, Shannon Banauch-Greenfields, Darshi Dugdale, Elizabeth Bragg, Bron York.

2.   Website Development:

  • Website Concept and Design: Peter Cuming (SFA); Design support, construction and graphics: Darshi Dugdale (SFA)
  • Content preparation: Peter Cuming, with assistance from Shannon Baunach Greenfields, Bron York (SFA) and the Arakwal Working Group.  Initial input into Youth section – Young Black & Deadly: Ngurungeta Brown, Karla Brown, Kaitlyn Clark, Rhiannon Clark and Nickolla Clark. Additional input and support from Megan Vynne (SFA)
  • Photographs and Artwork:  Website Header: Thanks to Nigel Stewart for the Dolphin artwork and to John Derry for the aerial photograph of Cape Byron (johnderry.com),. Other website photographs provided by NPWS, Cape Byron Marine Park Authority, Theresa Nicholls, Gavin Brown, and Peter Cuming.
  • Digital Media: Embedded videos in Experience Our Culture section – ‘Welcome to Country’; ‘Cavanbah-Meeting Place’; ‘Dubay Dancers’ many thanks to Mihau Kamieniak (www.shamancreative) and The Byron Movement (www.byronmovement.com)
  • Website feedback: thanks to those who viewed the site and put the time in to give valuable feedback in its early development phase.