Our workshops, tours and cultural programs are about learning together, supporting Arakwal values of Knowing Country, Respecting Country and Caring for Country. They focus on transfer of knowledge and practical learning for our own people, and for the wider community.

For our people it’s about:

  • Connecting to Country and each other – getting back on and looking after Country, strengthening our relationships with each other and the wider community.
  • Encouraging development of  our Arakwal community members, leaders and elders, including mentors and champions of our cultural values.
  • Providing and supporting education, training and work opportunities linked to our cultural experience, programs, workshops and activities.

For the wider community it’s about:

  • Learning about and respecting Country and our culture – how we do things and applying this when visiting and being on Country.
  • Supporting and contributing to our effort, working together caring for Country, strengthening our culture  and valuing our people.
  • Building trust and encouraging reconciliation, an understanding of our journey as a people, and how we have been challenged and had to adapt to change, particularly in recent times.



  • Click play below to view the Dubay Dancers story which shows us learning together (Video 123MB)