Julian Rocks

This group of small islets out in the Bay are very significant to us. It is also an important habitat area for Binguing (turtle), many species of fish some which are endangered such as the Grey Nurse shark. There are several important Dreaming stories associated with Julian Rocks.

In one story, Nguthungulli, Father of the World, who created all the land and the waters, the animals and plants, now rests in a cave at Julian Rocks. The Elders have instructed over the generations that Nguthungulli must be protected from any misuse or it will cause destruction.

According to Elder, Yvonne Stewart, Nguthungulli was used by Arakwal people in ceremonies when the ocean water levels were lower 7000 years ago and it was accessible land. Today ‘the Rocks’, as they are often affectionately called, are a key protection zone of the Cape Byron Marine Park, and visited by many people for diving, snorkelling, photography and research purposes.