Tallow Creek includes small lakes and wetlands and is located south of Cumbebin (Byron Bay) behind the dunal area along Tallow Beach and flows intermittently into the Pacific Ocean. “This is our stomping ground as you’d call it” (Aunty Linda Vidler).

This is where Arakwal Elders, Dulcie Nicholls, Lorna Kelly (dec), and Linda Vidler (dec) were born and lived with their parents for much of their youth.

This is our stomping ground as you’d call it. We live just up the hill up here. And this area, we used to come for our natural food: fish and crabs and eels, in this little creek here. In the morning before the birds got here, we used to come and get prawns by our hands, because we lived naturally, and we just took what we wanted for a feed. Every day we’d come down.” – Elder Aunty Linda Vidler.