Through story, dance and creative expression, this program provides participants with the opportunity to learn about the life and culture of our Arakwal people. Presented by Arakwal Aboriginal guides, participants join traditional owners in art, dance and ceremonies, learning about the significance of the land and sea and importantly dolphins to the our people.


What’s it about?

The aim of Dolphin Dreaming is for program participants to achieve a deeper cultural awareness in respecting, valuing and appreciating Arakwal Country.  Dolphin Dreaming is an experiential program, in Arakwal Country, led by an experienced Arakwal guide where participants have the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal culture, language, music, local families & history.

Who’s it for?

Dolphin Dreaming is a program for everyone. It is run as a program for our own mob, school groups, corporate groups and business professionals and the wider community.

We tailor our program to meet the needs of the participating group and to meet the intended learning outcomes of the cultural phases associated with the group.

What’s in it?

Dolphin Dreaming is a two-hour program held in Country, at The Pass in Byron Bay. The program includes participant involvement in some of the following (depending upon cultural learning phase of the group):

  • djuribul welcome dance
  • learning Bundjalung language
  • storytelling
  • dolphin & serpent dance
  • didgeridoo playing
  • art making
  • face painting, games and
  • a cultural walk.



Note: The Dolphin Dreaming Program is generally held on a Thursday or Friday morning. Other days may be available based on suitability.  The program is also provided for groups such as schools and organisations by arrangement, and operates in selected school holiday periods. Please enquire through our Bookings contact. Yoway!