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Young, Black & Deadly

Young, Black & Deadly is a way for Arakwal youth, kids and friends to keep in the loop and into the creative scenes that have people talking. Check out what our mob is doing, connect with us and get inspired!!!

We let you in on what our crew are doing, as well as issues and trends going on here, there and everywhere. There are links to cool local and national acts; surfing, music, dance and sport legends. We’re keeping you connected to culture, coz we’re Arakwal and proud of it!

Local Action!

This is the place where we got all the news about our local crew and local issues. It’s about keeping updated on what’s happening here now. In this section of our youth zone we talk about local Arakwal youth in every day life and in action in the arts, sports, surf and street skating, music, dance and culture,. This is our space to connect and share dreams with our community and beyond.

Hey!  Our Young, Black and Deadly crew are into ….

Indigenous Role Models

Keep yourself informed on what  our indigenous stars have been getting up to. This includes profiles – think music like Jessica Mauboy – who starred in the film ‘Brand Nue Dae’; surfing – our own local Dale Richards taking it to the legend Kelly Slater; and Keil Williams-Weigel, NAIDOC 2011 Youth of the Year; and Ashleigh Barty, who is powering in tennis. They are putting in the work and showing the way!

We’ve put up some videos from YouTube to share what’s happening with some cool artists, musicians and people in our oz indigenous communities like the Mornington Island and Wilcannia mobs. We are going to look for some global crew as well so come back and have a look later.

Check them out! Go to the video pictures below and click on them!

The Way I Should Be

Marpoon Hip Hop

Mornington Island Girls

Ashleigh Barty

Ashleigh is a rising star in the international tennis world. At 13 years of age, she won two International Tennis Federation (ITF) under-18 events in Ipswich, before completing an undefeated singles campaign for Australia at the ITF World Junior Tennis Competition in the Czech Republic in August, 2009.

Ashleigh was awarded Female Junior Athlete of the Year, at the Newcombe Medal awards in December, 2010. Ashleigh lists winning the 14′s and 16′s Nationals and an ITF Tournament back to back to back as her greatest achievements, so far. Her ultimate goal is to play in the main draw at Wimbledon. Ashleigh’s message to young Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders is:

“Always be positive and it doesn’t matter what people say. Be your own stereotype and do what you like.”

Dale Richards

Dale grabbed headlines when he qualified for the QuikSilver Pro surfing tournament on the Gold Coast in 2007, becoming the first Indigenous surfer to reach the main draw of a World Championship Tour event. His amazing performances against world champions Kelly Slater and Andy Irons marked him as a future surfing megastar. Dale is happy that he is seen as a role model for aspiring Indigenous surfers.

“I’ve got heaps of love for the sea. I really can’t go more than a couple of days without going in the water. Catching a perfect wave is just the best feeling in the world, especially if you’ve got heaps of friends around.”   “If they see me making some money and having fun and they get into it, that’s a good thing.”

Image: http://www.tracksmag.com/20090910134/Tracks-Features/General/Know-Your-Roots.html

Kiel Williams-Weigel

At the age of 24 is already a University lecturer and a champion of Indigenous culture and education. Kiel was recently well-deserved winner of NAIDOC’s Youth of the Year award. Born and raised in Brisbane he is a proud descendant of the Mununjali people of the Beaudesert region in Queensland. After immersing himself in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, Kiel developed a strong desire for a better life for Indigenous people in Australia. He was the first in his family to attend university, graduating with a Bachelor of Education from Griffith University.

He is now a literacy coordinator at Clontarf Aboriginal College in Western Australia and a lecturer at the University of Notre Dame, where he helps other teachers understand the needs of Indigenous school students. Kiel plans to study further study and hopes one day to be a principal in an Indigenous school. Through his dedication, passion and love for his people, Kiel has influenced many young lives. He is a role model for Indigenous students and an inspiration for other young educators.

Jessica Mauboy

Grew up strongly connected to the red soil of Darwin in the Northern Territory, part of a multicultural family, with an aboriginal mother and Indonesian father. After leaping into the limelight on Australian Idol in 2006, Jessica has gone on to become a massive star, signing a record deal with Sony and recording hit albums including: ‘The Journey’ (2007), ‘Been Waiting’ (2008) and ‘Get ‘em Girls’ (2010) which she recorded with Snoop Dog and Ludacris. In January 2010, Mauboy also made her acting debut in the film adaptation of the 1990 Indigenous musical, Bran Nue Dae. Jessica recently took some time out to fly to Canberra to be the face of the National Multicultural Festival and hang out with some of her young Indigenous fans.

“Growing up I never thought I’d be a role model. I just love what I do…  If I can give kids a little bit of inspiration that they can achieve their dreams, that’s awesome.”

Interacting & helping other Aboriginal Youth

Our Burra Jurra Surfing Program is a great way to meet other young crew and kidz, learn more about our culture while learning to surf! Cool hey! Join us for fun day in the sun, on the beach, and in the waves. For more information visit the link below.

Click here to check out Burra Jurra Surfing Program

Health Issues

We believe staying healthy is a sure way to living a cruizy life. That’s why we stay active in both our body and minds. We also know that everyone needs help sometimes so we are here to reach out to other youth and to sharing ways to a healthy lifestyle.

“My general interests revolve around the topic of mental health, which I believe is a major issue, especially in our generation. My dream for the future is to be able to help as many people as possible with their “demons” (mental health issues)”.

Ngurungaeta, Arakwal youth community member, age 15

Info and Support

Here are some links with info and support for mental health issues for young people as a whole and those of us of Aboriginal descent.

  • National Youth Mental Health Foundation


  • Healthdirect Australia


  • Byron Bay Youth House – check out their programs


  • Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet


Dance and Music

Some of us are part of the Dubay Dancers; a group of local Arakwal women who perform traditional dance in respect for our ancestors, family, culture and country. We learn about the stories and dances passed on for generations and perform them with pride!

Check out a video of one of our performances.

Art Projects

We love learning about traditional art techniques. It helps us to learn more about our culture, country and who we are.

Congratulations to one of the Young, Black and Deadly crew who won the Reconciliation Week 2012 Poster Design and Story Writing Competition for 12 – 17 year age group. Way to go!

The competition is over now, but for more information please visit the link below.

Byron Shire Council – Aboriginal services and programs


Sports and Academics

Our Arakwal mob live in our traditional lands and across Australia. Many Arakwal mob have natural gifted talent and  are really kicking Goals!! Our traditional country has a history of producing great talent and this continues in our next generation!!

  • In sport we play soccer, track, rugby, surfing, and even a bit of amateur boxing.
  • We are also doing great at school, modelling, arts, community ,environment and drama to name a few.

We enjoy and encourage our mob to dream and do the things in life you enjoy…

Check out the Byron High School Newsletter to read about some of our crew winning NSW State Championship Relay Team races and also academic competitions like the Australian National Chemistry Quiz. Here is the link ….             


Byron Shire Youth Council

Some of us are members of the Byron Shire Youth Council. We work with the local Byron Shire Council to help represent the youth in our community. Click on the link below to learn more about it.

Byron Shire Youth Council:






Surfin’ the bay!

Hey, check out this video of Sean Kay, one of our older Arakwal brothers shredding some local waves around the Bay – totally cool!
Learn More

M.I.A with Wilcannia Mob

Last Kinection


Dolphin (Wajung)
Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) is an important totem for our people. Wajoong gives us messages about relationships between our clan members, to our ancestors and the past, and also to particular places and sites in our Country. We have stories of our people and dolphins communicating and connecting with each other, including co-operative fishing, sharing resources from the ocean, and playing in the shallows.
Sea Eagle (Miwing)
White Breasted Sea Eagle (Haliaetus leucogaster) is an important totem for us. Miwing gives us messages about clan and family groups, provides knowledge on hunting practices and environmental events on Country. The second largest raptor (bird of prey), you can see the majestic Miwing soaring above you as you walk along Tallow Beach or around the Cape.
Carpet Snake (Kabul)
Carpet Snake (Morelia spilota) as one of our key totems symbolises the relationship of clan members to each other, to our ancestors and the past, and to particular places or sites. Kabul are important to us for their conservation, wild resource and other cultural values.
Brush Turkey (Wollum)
Brush Turkey (Alectura lathami) is a messenger providing clues about and demonstrating knowledge and adaptability in knowing and using Country. Wollum lives and moves freely in the coastal bush, foraging through leaf litter for food to eat. The male builds large mounds out of vegetative material and uses it to incubate their eggs.
Pied Oystercatcher (language name?)
Pied Oystercatcher (Haematopus longirostris) is an important bird to us because they provide messages about food sources and environmental events in Country. The Pied forages on the beaches and rocky shores, in mudflats of inlets, bays, ocean beaches, and on offshore islets.
Green Turtle (Bijahlin)
Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) is an important messenger that provides knowledge of the sea Country. Biwing nests on north coast beaches including Tallow Beach and Lennox Heads to the south. Julian Rocks (Nguthungulli) supports significant populations of the Biwing and if you go snorkeling or diving there, you can have a close encounter with these graceful creatures.