Our Corporation is responsible for representing the interests of the Arakwal people. It is engaged in a wide range of activities to help achieve our objectives in the following key areas:

  • Living and Working back on Country:  including indigenous resource and co-management agreements; Native Title matters; reviewing landuse plans, strategies and development proposals; involvement in Land and Coastcare activities; working and caring for Arakwal National Park and Cape Byron Marine Park; developing affordable housing for our community.
  • Maintaining Cultural Connection to Country:  including revitalising cultural practices, developing and running cultural programs for our people and the wider community, as well as reconciliation activities and events.
  • Business and Economic Development: including education, training and employment strategies, developing and supporting businesses and work for our people, housing and better services for our elders and community.

The Corporation has 5 year strategic plan which includes strategies and actions for these areas. It reviews and renews this plan near the end of each 5 year period. Strategic planning is one of the main roles for our board of directors. They have recently completed a review of our present strategic plan (2012), and are setting priorities and actions for the next 5 year plan period.

Strategic planning is very important  as provides the opportunity to look closely at issues and challenges affecting the corporation and our people, and to plan well for the future. The Board then provides clear direction for our staff who report back to the board on the achievement of these directions, and strategies, and if they are working.  Click here to read more about our Key Activities.